My Passion for guns started at a very early age for me. I can remember sitting in my uncles living room as we passed around his favorite Firearms. Some so big I couldn't even hold them up at the time. Things like a Custom Mauser in 25-06 or his trusted .22 hornet. I can just remember dreaming about owning something "So Cool". Dad had a .300 Win Mag with what seemed like the Hubble Telescope on it. And Grandpa had some of the "Coolest", pump, semi-auto, and bolt actions .22's. Several of those are now locked up tight in my gun safe. And will continue to be passed down through the generations.

Fast forward from there and I took on a career as an Aircraft Mechanic. Although I still call that my 9-5, and have since 2003. My passion for guns and the mechanics of them has only grown. And so I decided to turn this hobby into a business in late 2017. Having messed around on the shop lathe a little. I knew it was time to learn more. In trying to find a machinist class to take. I stumbled upon Trinidad States, Summer Gunsmithing Program. No better way to learn guns then a school that specializes in them. I still have a few credits to go. But have tackled the bulk of the certificate and all the machinist classes. Gunsmithing is a specialty inside of the machinist trade if you will.  Not all machinist will make great gunsmiths. Things have to fit, they have to run smooth and they have to look GOOD. You have to be a craftsman, and a wood worker, a painter and master of finishes. 

Currently I do my work out of a little cabin I've converted to a shop at my home  in Eagle County, Colorado. Its nothing special, its tight, and we've all but outgrown it. I don't have room for a fancy showroom or a bunch of inventory. But its working for now. We are hoping to expand to a bigger shop in the very near future. And if business keeps up we would love to open a shop in a commercial space closer to my local clients.

 We invite you to browse through our website and contact us with any questions.

Thanks and we look forward to working with you!!!

Matt Bergstreser-Owner