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Ruger LCP .380 with our custom Kryptek Camo Cerakote. (Bright white, Robin Egg Blue, and crushed silver). With Galloway performance parts: Sweet Pea trigger, reduced hammer spring for 1.5 lbs less trigger pull, heavier recoil spring for reduced felt recoil and a Kel-Tec Laserlyte.

22 Gunsmith Projects

Remingtons, Brownings, Stevens, Winchesters, Marlins. Stocks, repairs, cleanings, you name it.

Various Tooling Pictures of equipment and machines. Some for reloading some for manufacturing and repairs.

Savage Axis in 6.5 Creedmoor. Boyd's Laminated Stock, Proof Research Barrel, and Muzzle Brake. Inletting of the stock for the bigger diameter barrel, pillars and bedding. Turn the brake down to barrel diameter. Fitted barrel for correct headspacing and function check.