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FFL Transfer

What we need from you!



We need two things from you to complete a transfer.

1. The Form Below

2. A Completed Form 4473

Please complete All Fields and click "Submit". We will follow up with a email shortly. Also see the sections below on SHIPPING and FORM 4473


Thanks! Information sent.


If you prefer to email us in a different way.. Please send the information above to:


Purchases From other Retailers or Online Dealers

  • Title 1 (Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun or Receiver)

    • $50 for the first item

    • $10.50 for Background Check

    • $10 per additional item

  • Title 2 NFA (SBR/SBS-Short Barreled Rifle/Shotgun, Silencer/Suppressors)

    • Please call with questions.

    • $150 per item​ for transfers

  • eForm Filing-Estimated Wait time 90 days

    • This is a new process (12/2021) we are still working out the kinks!​

      • We have found the easiest solution to be working with Silencer Shop, Who we are a dealer for. The new process doesn't require electronic fingerprints but it sure makes the process faster! You will need to visit a Silencer Shop "Powered By" dealer with a kiosk to complete electronic fingerprints. This is a one time event. Your fingerprints will forever be saved in the system. ​If you are ever even thinking about buying a suppressor and you are in the Denver area. I suggest getting this done ahead of time. They charge a small fee usually $40-$50 for the service.

      • You will also need to setup an account with the ATF. Make sure to use your full legal name and a personal email address not a work email. One that will never change if you change jobs. The account can be created here: ATF eForms 

  • Paper Filing-Estimated Wait time 11-12months

    • 3 "Form 4" Copies

    • Two Sent to ATF. One will be sent back with your approved Tax Stamp​

      • One will be sent to the local CLEO

    • 2 Passport photos

    • 2 Fingerprint cards

    • One Check for $200 made out to BATFE

    • If filing as a Trust you will also need:​​

      • 2 Form 5320.23 (Responsible Party Form) Per person listed on trust

      • One copy of Trust articles of incorporation

Person to Person Transfer 

  • Total cost $20.50

  • $10 per additional item

  • Per House Bill 13-1229 a dealer may not charge more then $10 plus the cost of the CBI-NICS Background Check, currently $10.50.

  • The recipient must reside in the state of Colorado.

  • If you want to transfer a firearm to somebody in another state. The firearm would have to be shipped to a FFL of their choosing within their own state. Some exceptions due apply.


Please have them use only UPS or Fedex,  and we highly recommend UPS of those two! Although we can accept packages at a separate location through USPS. Their delivery can not always be guaranteed and could cause significant delays. Please contact us for USPS instructions.

Form 4473 required for all transfers or purchases 

We use to be able to pre-fill this form prior to receiving the firearms. However as of November 2020 we are now required to receive the firearm prior to starting the process. 

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