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Archery Labor and Services

We are a dealer for Lancaster Archery and Kinsey's Archery. Please let us know if you are looking any arrows, targets, or accessories.

Archery Services

Hourly Rate $80.00

  • Complete Laser Bow Tune - $40.00 

  • D-Loop Install - $5.00 (includes material)

  • Peep Tie in - $10.00 (Doesn’t Include Peep)

  • Kisser install - $5.00 includes kisser button

  • Re-String - $40  (Doesn’t included strings and cables) with Laser Tune

  • Arrow Re fletch - $2.00 per arrow including fletching

  • Cut arrows - $1.00 per arrows including installing insert

  • Drop away rest install - $20.00

  • Standard rest install - $10.00

**Please note this is just a general list of our capabilities. If you need a service not listed please contact us to discuss.** We can work with you to fix your rifle or create a custom rifle just for you. No job too small or too big!

970-524-1113 or

Archery Target.png
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