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​General Labor and Services

Labor Rates

  • Service Charge Per Man Hour $80.00

  • Per Man & Machine $100.00

  • Minimum Charge Per Gun $40.00


  • Please see our FFL Transfer Page for details 


  • Function Test or Test Fire Firearm- $20.00

  • Check Head Space- $20.00

  • Check Firing Pin Protrusion- $20.00

  • Make Chamber Cast- $40.00

  • Remove Fired Case From Chamber-Hourly Rate

  • Remove Live Round From Chamber-Hourly Rate

  • Remove Obstruction From Bore-Hourly Rate

  • Remove Fouling And/Or Leading From Barrel-Hourly Rate + Materials

Cleaning and Disassemble/Reassemble

  • Detailed Cleaning - Completely stripping your firearm, cleaning all parts, checking for wear or broken parts, and making suggestions of services needed. Price is based on the complexity of the firearm.$40.00 to $80.00 

  • Disassemble & Reassemble Firearm - This is based on time, some firearms will cost more some will cost less, the average cost is $40.00 for bolt action and AR's and $80 for shotgun and more complex semi-autos and pistols.


Sight Work 

  • Sight In Firearm - Does not include cost of ammo or targets-Hourly Rate

  • Scope Mounting - Includes Properly Torqueing all mounting fasteners, Leveling Scope, & Bore Sighting $50.00

  • Drill and Tap for over-sized scope base screws from standard 6-48 to 8-40. $15 per hole. 

    • Recommended for all Rifle Scope Mounting

  • RMR Pistol Sight Cut- $150.00

  • Pistol Dovetail Sight Cut- $50.00


General Firearm Work     


Rifle Barrel Work 

  • Rebarrel Rifle - Pre-Threaded, chambered & contoured barrel. Does not include the cost of the barrel $200.00

  • Rebarrel Rifle - Not chambered or threaded, but barrel is contoured. Does not include the cost of the barrel $350.00 

  • Cut & Crown Barrel  - Most barrels $50.00

  • Install Muzzle Brake  - Most barrels $150.00 does not include brake or blueing/coloring


Rifle Stock Work 

  • Glass Bedding Barrel And/Or Action $120.00

  • Pillar Glass Bedding $160.00

  • Install Recoil Pad or Plate $60.00

  • Install Sling Swivels Studs In Stock $20.00

  • Install Recoil Reducer - Requiring a hole to be drilled in the butt stock $60.00

Archery Services

  • Re-String Bow and Laser Tune $40 

    • We Use 60X Custom Strings prices range from $109-$140 depending on bow and configuration. Several Custom Colors available. ​

  • Bow Tune $40

  • New D-Loop $5.00

  • New Peep Sight $10

  • Tie in Drop Away Rest $5.00

  • Cut arrow and install insert $1.00 per arrow. Free with purchase of arrows from us.

  • Arrow Fletching $2.00 per arrow. Does not include fletches. 

**Please note this is just a general list of our capabilities. If you need a service not listed please contact us to discuss.** We can work with you to fix your rifle or create a custom rifle just for you. No job too small or too big!

970-524-1113 or

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