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Sporter 6.5-284 Norma


To the average Joe. This rifle looks no different then any other Remington 700 you can buy off the shelf. But when you get down to the details the only similarity is the engraving on the side of the receiver. Every piece of this gun is better then your factory Remington. 

To Start with the receiver was over-sized and trued all around, Raceways, Threads, and Face were all squared up. The over-sized bolt was ordered from PTG will a nice mill cut spiraling and swept back handle. As well as a Sako style extractor. Also ordered from PTG was the firing pin assembly, cocking shroud, and bolt handle. All in Stainless to match. 

McGowen supplied the Polished and Fluted Stainless Steel Barrel in a Douglas #4 Contour. We turned the new over-sized receiver threads and chambered it in 6.5-284. Followed by a nice 11 degree crown on the muzzle.  The Barrel was fitted to the receiver with a oversized .250 PTG recoil lug. 

We wanted a lightweight stock that wouldn't break the bank but still have all the features of a fancy custom stock. Stocky Stocks had just that. Their Long Range Sporter is extremely lightweight and has a solid aluminum block they call Accu-Block that iss the perfect base for glass bedding the action.

To finish everything off. Buckeye provided a stainless steel 20 MOA rail that was drilled out to except 8-40 screws. A single stage stainless Timney trigger was installed. As well as H-S Precision DBM and 3 round magazine. Vortex provided both the scope a HS LR 6-25x50 FFP (First Focal Plane) with their XLR-MOA reticle and their Precision Matched Rings. 

Initial fire lapping of the barrel provided some very nice group results. And first round load development had Muzzle Velocities up around 2850fps.

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