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Custom Rifles

Portfolio of Work

The rifles shown within were custom built for clients. Every component was handpicked by the customer and fitted/assembled by us for the most Accurate and Precise Rifle Possible. The "View Build" Button shows a basic overview of the entire build process. We can tweak any of the firearms shown in anyway imaginable. From different stocks, colors, barrels, actions, to any caliber or accessories. Custom Rifles can range from $3000-$10,000 or either side of that. We can chamber barrels from .17HMR to .50BMG and every standard and wildcat in between. We can work with your budget and needs to find the rifle that is right for you! We promise to exceed your exceptions in every way! We also promise to deliver a rifle capable of at least 1/2 MOA but expect a rifle to produce 1/4 MOA groups with correctly hand-loaded ammo.



6.5-284 Lapua



300 Win Mag


Sporter 6.5-284 Norma

We understand that there are MANY custom builders out there to choose from. Some have capabilities far beyond us. Manufactures like Gunwerks and Christensen Arms put out an amazing "package". What separates us from them, is the ability to customize any single part of YOUR custom rifle. If you want to truly stand out and have a one of a kind rifle. Different then anything else, then look no further.

The Big "Custom" Manufactures offer only a handful of stock options in a few different colors in maybe a dozen different barrel contours and chamberings. Our options are literally endless, Millions of possible combinations. From a single shot with a custom walnut stock, to semi-autos with any stock or chassis available on the market. We can have custom finishes, paint, engraving, or checkering done to give your rifle that personalized look and feel. We can chamber any cartridge you want. We can even have a custom chamber reamer designed if you like. 

Sub-MOA has become just another standard these days. The machinery, tolerances and materials have come so far in the last decade. That Sub-MOA is no longer hard to achieve. Anything that isn't 1/2 MOA or better is unacceptable and we hold ourselves to that standard and guarantee it. Your options are not limited to big name brands and fancy marketing. We can provide the same product with the same accuracy guarantee in a package designed just for YOU.

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